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Curious for an capable concrete company you can trust? Turn to the smart team at Royal Concrete Works Contractors. We provide complete residential and commercial concrete installation services throughout Mission Hills and the surrounding communities.

We offer complete concrete services, including driveways, walkways, pool decks, patios, commercial installation, and much more.

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Royal Concrete Works,   attend to Mission Hills , creates beautiful & charming concrete surfaces. We do it very well.
We are proud to work with our customers’ concrete and stamped concrete surfaces. We never turn down a job .

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How a concrete job is realized in Mission Hills Step by Step?

after the selection of the materials like:
concrete PSI, concrete thick, rebar size  the concrete will be.

We demonstrate how this work should be done correctly in the sections below:

You must decide on the style and finishes you desire before beginning the actual work. The ideal in these cases is to create a sketch to determine what needs to be done and choose the Pattern you want to use in case you need a printed concrete.

Yes, this is also a very important step. It is important to keep the area completely clean and clear to improve the adherence of the concrete and of course to obtain a better finish.

Specialized equipment, such as rollers or presses, will be needed for the soil compaction process. To level the land, it may occasionally be required to remove or add dirt

  After the previous stages are finished, the surface needs to be covered in plastic. This is done in order to prevent the transpiration from reaching the concrete.

The construction activity in concrete now starts.    The preparation comes first , The size of the surface will determine the precise amounts , but generally equate to one part of cement, three portions of sand, four parts of gravel and 0.5 parts of water.  The next thing will be its application ,   For that, it is poured on top , it should be spread and smoothed so that the entire area is uniform.

This is the time, if you want to give the concrete some color. For the color to be thoroughly absorbed into the concrete, these pigments should be sprinkled on and given at least two hours to work.

Perfect steps must be made by the pattern on the concrete, it is necessary to point out that the concrete must be in a plastic state , therefore, it needs to be applied there as well . Additionally, it is crucial that it always be done in rows and in the same direction. The next step is to let it dry for at least 72 hours.

When the concrete is entirely dry, this should be done ; An effective tool for this job is a radial saw with a stone disc.

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